Wellness Exams

We encourage routine exams for your pets. They allow us to find problems early and keep you reassured about your cat or dog’s health.

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Preventative Vaccinations

We provide all the vaccines needed to protect your pet without ever over vaccinating. Each vaccination schedule is created for your pet’s needs based on age, health and potential exposure.
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Parasite Control

Galveston is parasite heaven and we have what you need to send those little varmints the other way. Starting with accurate and timely testing, we have products to help with heartworm prevention, intestinal parasites, fleas, and ticks. Many products are guaranteed by the company when purchased through your veterinarian.
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Campeche Cove has a sterile surgical suite where doctors take the utmost care of your pet during routine or special surgeries. Up to date anesthesia monitoring equipment is always used. Most surgical procedures are done on an out-patient basis with your pet going home the same day. All aspects of the surgery will be discussed with you before surgery and complete aftercare instructions are given after.
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Just like us, a pet’s teeth need dental care. Campeche Cove has a complete regime for protecting and caring for your pet’s teeth throughout their life.
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Veterinary acupuncture, one aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine, has been used to treat animals in China for nearly 4000 years. In North America it has been used for decades in both large and small animals. Acupuncture is one of a variety of therapies a veterinarian may use to treat your pet… read more

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Dr. Cole is an AVCA certified Animal chiropractor. She finds it helpful for all pets, especially working dogs, very active dogs, or those that have had an accidental fall or tussle.
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Behavior Counseling

House-training problems? Is your dog jumping up on you? Is your dog walking you instead of you walking your dog? Is your cat stalking you or urinating out of the box? We can often help with behavioral problems. We would first make sure there is no physical problem, then discuss paths to peace for both you and your pet.
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Special-care boarding for your special pet. All dogs are walked at least twice a day. All pets are given TLC all day long. Bedding and toys are given to all boarded pets. You are welcome to bring their favorite things from home. We feed Science Diet foods or you can bring your pet’s special diet.

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Medicated and routine bathing and grooming are available for both dogs and cats.
Nail trimming, ear and anal gland cleaning, and brush-out is included with every bath.
Grooming and shaves from sanitary to summer cut are also available.
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