Sammy’s Success Story

Acupuncture and chiropractic really helped my 3-year-old rat terrier. After an accident, Sammy was exhibiting heightened anxiety and seizure-like episodes that worried me. Having experienced the benefits of acupuncture myself, I sought the unique expertise offered only at the Campeche Cove Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Jackie Cole provided a satisfying and comprehensive treatment program that included an acupuncture session, a chiropractic adjustment, herbal supplements, behavior modification, and a little red cape called the Storm Defender. The results are remarkable —my dog is so obedient and calm now. Sammy is still energetic and friendly but no longer chasing after moving vehicles. He is able to tolerate loud noises, thunderstorms, and separation with a reasonable amount of mild anxiety. He has not shown any signs a seizure in months. I am so impressed and grateful to Dr Cole and would recommend veterinary acupuncture and chiropractic to any animal lover.

Thank you,

Pauline Hugger and Sammy

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