Dog Ear Care- Pets WebMD

Ear care for dogs Although a dog’s ears need to be regularly monitored for his entire life, a little basic maintenance is generally all that’s required to keep them clean and healthy. Canine Anatomy Because of the twisty, curvy design of

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Flea and Tick Q&A- Pets WebMd

Dog Ticks and Fleas Q&A WebMD veterinary experts answer commonly asked questions about fleas and ticks on your dog. By Sandy Eckstein WebMD Pet Health Feature Reviewed by Elizabeth A. Martinez, DVM  Although there are more than 2,200 kinds of fleas, it

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Can Pets Boost Social Skills for Kids With Autism? – WebMD

Owning a pet may play a role in social skills development for some children with autism, a new study suggests. The findings are among the first to investigate possible links between pets and social skills in kids with an autism spectrum

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Is Halloween Scary for Pets? -Pet WebMD


I can assure you that the most frightening part of the spooky holiday is not the masks, the creepy music or the fake spiderwebs. The scariest part of Halloween for pets might be what’s inside the trick-or-treat bag or an

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Dangerous Foods That Dogs Should Never Eat- Pets WebMD

Dangerous Foods for Dogs Who can resist those big brown eyes and cute doggie grin? Can a little reward from the table really hurt your dog? Well, that depends on what it is and what’s in it. A chip with

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A Blog About a Dog

Drawing by Elena Sandovici, pulled from:

Have Watercolors Will Travel is a great blog written by Elena Sandovici featuring travel, art, and best of all, her dog Holly. Holly gets to stay with us often and keeps in touch with her mom through social media (usually

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Non-Traditional Vet Care- Galveston Monthly, Jan 2015

Dana Ridenour still gets a bit emotional about the Christmas gift she received in 2013: time to enjoy with her dog, Sammy. The Boston terrier was being treated for an immune disorder. Ridenour credits the non-traditional treatment he received from

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Overweight Dogs -Pet WebMd

For stylist Marissa Gimeno, 32, of Brooklyn, N.Y., it didn’t take help from a rocket scientist — or even a veterinarian — for her to realize that her 8-year-old dog, Lolita, needed to slim down. “She was about 2 pounds overweight,”

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Hot Weather Tips- Pets WebMd


We all love spending the long, sunny days of summer outdoors with our furry companions, but being overeager in hot weather can spell danger, warn ASPCA experts. “Even the healthiest pets can suffer from dehydration, heat stroke and sunburn if overexposed to

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Sammy’s Success Story

Acupuncture and chiropractic really helped my 3-year-old rat terrier. After an accident, Sammy was exhibiting heightened anxiety and seizure-like episodes that worried me. Having experienced the benefits of acupuncture myself, I sought the unique expertise offered only at the Campeche

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