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Have Watercolors Will Travel is a great blog written by Elena Sandovici featuring travel, art, and best of all, her dog Holly. Holly gets to stay with us often and keeps in touch with her mom through social media (usually through a few “tell Holly I miss her!”‘s answered with a picture of a happy Holly on a walk) and Elena shares with us her stories and amazing paintings/ drawings of Holly and her travels. One of Elena’s latest posts is really written by Holly about her last experience staying with us while her mom was away.

Here’s an excerpt from this post:

Impressions From College

holly blog

Drawing by Elena Sandovici, pulled from: http://havewatercolorswilltravel.blogspot.com/2015/01/impressions-from-college.html

Hi, this is Holly, queen of the universe, also known as the feisty boston terrier who owns the girl who normally writes this blog. I haven’t done a post in months, because I’ve been away at college, and there I did my best to stay away from any intellectual activity. I cannot possibly tell you everything that happened this past semester, but, just so you get a general idea of what I did at college while my human was away in Europe, my days consisted mostly of sleeping, playing with the wonderful humans who took care of me, looking out the window, and eating. I heard that’s pretty much what one does at college, isn’t it?

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